He Left His Wife To Cook Alone For Seven Hours For Their Dinner Party Just To Prove A Point, And Now She’s Furious At Him Because The Food Turned Out Terrible

Photo 152000614 © Rido - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man’s wife works as a neurologist.

They’ve had an ongoing tradition with four of her work colleagues and their families where they all take turns hosting a dinner party once a month.

This month, it was his and his wife’s turn to host the dinner at their house.

His wife is a pretty terrible cook, but she claims otherwise.

So, he usually does the majority of the cooking when they eat at home.

Whenever his wife has tried cooking, she turns up the heat on the burners full blast, telling him that the food cooks quicker that way. She doesn’t think that it makes the food taste different, but he thinks it does.

On Friday night, he was prepping the vegetables, and he was planning to cook for about seven hours the following day.

While he was doing this, his wife entered the kitchen and immediately started telling him that he should be helping her take care of their children instead of prepping the food. She told him it was a waste of his time.

“I got annoyed. We’ve had this fight for years. If I cook something simple for the next four months, she will nag me for weeks after each dinner with her friends about how I embarrassed her. This time, I wasn’t in the mood for fighting, so I wrote out the entire menu with the schedule of when each dish had to be cooked,” he said.

Photo 152000614 © Rido – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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