Her Boyfriend Just Became A Foster Parent And She’s Not Sure How To Handle It

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This 24-year-old girl and her 26-year-old boyfriend have been dating for two years so far. They both work as teachers in elementary schools, and they actually met while completing their master’s degrees.

She and her boyfriend are planning on moving in together soon, as he just purchased a home after inheriting and selling his grandma’s place.

They also are talking about getting married in the future and having children too. But then, her boyfriend started fostering an 8-year-old girl at his school less than two months ago, and all their plans for the future came to a screeching halt.

“He taught her when he was both a student teacher and in his first official year, the two of them are very close, and he just adores her,” she explained.

“She was just removed from her home, and her parents’ rights are likely to be terminated. She just experienced a huge trauma, and my boyfriend volunteered to take her in. Teachers are considered kinship/relatives in our state and he’s someone that she trusts and is comfortable with. Plus, she can keep attending her school, so [she] has stability.”

“It’s extremely unclear if it’s going to be long-term/permanent, but he says that he’s willing and more than happy to take her in [the] long term if he can.”

Since this little girl moved into her boyfriend’s home a couple of weeks ago, she has hardly seen her boyfriend at all.

Although he did inform her of the fact that he was going to suddenly be a foster parent, this all happened much more quickly than she anticipated.

Her boyfriend’s main focus has become this little girl, and while she is supportive of him doing such a kind thing, she’s confused about where this leaves them.

neonshot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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