Here’s How To Know If Skunks Are Wreaking Havoc On Your Property And The Best Strategies For Keeping These Critters Away From Your Yard

Gwen Tomlin - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever stepped outside to enjoy a peaceful evening and got hit with an utterly repulsive smell? Yes, I’m talking about the unforgettable aroma of a skunk.

These nocturnal visitors might be cute from a distance. However, they can wreak havoc on your lawn and turn any outdoor experience into a smelly affair.

But don’t despair because there are ways to make your yard less inviting to these odiferous critters.

The Unmistakable Signs You’ve Got Skunks

The first sign that one of these critters is lurking nearby is their pungent aroma.

But let’s not forget about the less obvious indicators– like small, cone-shaped holes in your yard. These are a sign of skunks foraging for food.

So, if you spot any of these clues, or heaven forbid actual skunk tracks, you’re definitely sharing your space with these critters.

Why Skunks Are Bad News For Your Garden

Let’s get real for a second—skunks are more than just a stinky nuisance. They can be downright disastrous for your garden.

Gwen Tomlin – illustrative purposes only

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