Black Gemstone Jewelry Is Back And Making Waves For 2024 Fashion Trends: Here’s How To Embrace Your Darker Side And Style These Sophisticated Yet Edgy Pieces

Levon - - illustrative purposes only

This year, black gemstones are not just making a statement; they’re rewriting the rules of accessorizing.

The jewelry box staple once reserved for the gothic or the edgy among us has transcended its niche boundaries and is now the darling of the accessory world for 2024.

This surprising trend has quietly emerged, much like the stones themselves, with an allure that’s hard to ignore.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a timeless piece or simply want to add a dash of daring to your daily look, black gemstones offer that perfect blend of luxury and personality. Here’s how to style them in a variety of ways.

Black Festoon Necklaces

First, you can drape yourself in mystery with black festoon necklaces. But be warned: this isn’t your grandma’s jewelry—unless she was ahead of her time.

A festoon necklace, known for its draped and swagged design, has been given a contemporary makeover with the infusion of black gems.

They’re like the little black dress of neckwear; they can elevate a simple white tee and jeans or add an unexpected twist to evening wear.

Just remember, the key to wearing these without looking like you’re in costume is balance. So, let the necklace be the statement piece and keep everything else simple.

Levon – – illustrative purposes only

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