“Fallayage” Is The Latest Spin On The Popular Hair Painting Technique Known As “Balayage,” Incorporating Warmer And Richer Tones That Are Perfect For Autumn

Caramel apples, caramel candies, and caramel lattes all taste better when there’s a chill in the air. So, of course, beautiful, warm caramel colors for your hair would also be well-loved for fall. A fallayage with creamy caramel shades is classic and pairs well with all skin tones. It also sports a nice contrast with deeper and richer hues. You will look as sweet as caramel itself!

Cozy Copper

Autumn leaves don’t just come in deep red colors. They are also found in shades of pale yellow and gold. You can mimic this natural phenomenon in your mane with coppery highlights spread out around your face and throughout the back of your head. The copper hues make the perfect transition from summer to fall because it contains lightness from the summertime while giving off a cozy effect for fall.

Warm Maple

This fallayage is for those who want to go bold. The amber maple shades work well with darker bases and naturally expose warmer tones. It fully embraces the red foliage of a maple tree in October.

Rose Gold

Rose gold hair is an updated autumnal take on one of the biggest hair color trends of summer. It’s soft, subtle, and not too pink, making it very season-appropriate. The color tends to work better on blondes and those with lighter complexions.

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