Her Boyfriend Had A One-Night Stand And Got Another Woman Pregnant, But Never Told Her About The Baby

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This 25-year-old woman and her 25-year-old boyfriend have been together since they were only 13, and she truly believed they would be together for forever.

Her boyfriend is the only boyfriend she has ever had, and she has given up a lot to be with him. She lost out on going after her dream career, as she didn’t want to move away from him.

She skipped out on college and declined to move to another country with her family. She stopped going out with her friends as much during what should have been the most exciting years of her life.

Currently, she and her boyfriend own their own home and split the mortgage payment, but she did put down $10,000 to purchase their house, as she’s financially better off than he is.

“I always envisioned growing old with him, spending my life with him, [and] having kids with him,” she explained.

“We briefly broke up in December early January for a few weeks after an argument. He went out and slept with somebody else but didn’t tell me, we just got back together, and nothing was said.”

“Yesterday he speaks to me very upset and tells me that in September, he’d had a baby girl with a woman he’d had a one-night stand with.”

She questioned her boyfriend about why he waited so long to tell her about the baby, and he claimed it was because he wasn’t positive he was the dad.

The woman her boyfriend got pregnant reached out to his mom, and his mom gave her DNA, which proved her boyfriend actually is the dad.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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