His Ex-Girlfriend Decided She Wanted To Become A Mom And Got Pregnant Despite Him Being Clear That He Never Wanted Kids, So He Left Her And Refuses To Stay Just For His Child

Alina Kulbashnaia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy is the oldest of six siblings, and he didn’t have the easiest childhood. Instead of feeling taken care of by his parents, he was expected to be a third parent to his younger siblings.

That’s why he has never wanted to have kids or be a father. And when he began dating his ex-girlfriend back in 2017, he made sure to tell her that from the start.

At the time, she was fine with that, too. But then, during the COVID-19 pandemic, his ex randomly got “severe baby fever.”

“She admitted it probably happened because both her sister and best friend had their babies between late 2020 and mid-2021,” he recalled.

Up until then, his ex claimed that she’d never wanted to become a mom. However, after watching her loved ones start to have kids, she really wanted to have her own children, and she couldn’t change her mind.

He still stuck to his guns, though, and told his ex that he wasn’t on board with becoming a parent. He also claimed that if she felt so strongly about becoming a mother, then they could just break up. That way, his ex would be able to find a different man who wanted to become a father.

So, they wound up taking a break for a few months due to their differing values. But eventually, his ex wanted to get back together.

“She said that she had time to think, and while she still wanted to be a mom, she would try to just be cool with being an aunty,” he said.

Well, by the middle of 2022, he was hit with some major news. Apparently, his ex-girlfriend claimed to be pregnant with his child, and she wanted to keep the baby.

Alina Kulbashnaia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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