If You’ve Ever Had A Scary Dream About Flooding Water, It May Mean That Anxiety And Stress Are Building Up As A Situation In Your Life Gradually Gets Worse

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Have you ever had a pretty crazy dream to the point where you could remember it the next morning and do some research to see if what you dreamed about was symbolic?

A lot of people like to record their dreams, especially reoccurring ones, and then look them up to see if they indicate that something specific was happening or was about to happen in their life. For instance, some say that dreams involving fire often suggest that you’re overwhelmed.

But what about dreams involving floods?

Having a scary dream about flooding water, whether from a natural or man-made source, can be really spooky. Here’s a little glimpse into what it might mean if you have one.

Some spiritual sources say that dreams about flooding can indicate that a situation in your life is gradually getting worse. As levels of water rise, so do your stress and anxiety levels. The build-up and consistent rising of water can also represent your emotions, which could be getting out of your control.

If you dream about a flood in your home or a specific room in your home, you may want to evaluate what you do in your home on a daily basis and how it’s affecting your life.

If there is something dangerous in the waters flooding your space, like a vicious sea creature, that could mean your subconscious is trying to warn you about a situation in your life that could threaten you.

Another common flood or water-related dream involves being inside a flooding car, which is a terrifying scenario.

If you dream about being inside a flooding car, you may be experiencing a setback in life as you’re trying to drive toward something you want, but there’s something stressful holding you back.

Photo 125040401 © Santos06 – -illustrative purposes only

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