In 1979, This Single Mother And Her Infant Son Left To Drop Off Concert Tickets At A Friend’s House And Mysteriously Vanished: Her Car Was Later Discovered Abandoned With Her Belongings Inside, And Neither She Nor Her Son Were Ever Found

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It’s sad enough to hear stories of great people who went missing while off on their own. But stories like the one of Kathleen Henson, a mother who went missing along with her baby boy, are especially sad.

At the time of her disappearance, Kathleen Henson was a single mom of two living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She worked at the local Roger’s Records and was a huge fan of music and going to concerts.

Kathleen had two sons; one was Eamon, whom she had with her ex-husband. He was 10-years-old the year she vanished. Her other son was Royce, who was only around a year old.

On March 23rd, 1979, Kathleen allegedly called some friends that evening and told them she would drop off some concert tickets for them.

Earlier that day, she dropped Eamon off at his dad’s house, and he was only supposed to be there for a few hours.

Around 11:30 pm, she had left Roger’s Records with Royce and told her friends she’d be at their home with the concert tickets within an hour.

She was driving a brown four-door 1969 Chrysler sedan, which she had loaned from her dad. However, she never showed up at her friends’ house.

During this time, Eamon’s father hadn’t realized Kathleen was gone, so he dropped Eamon off at her house, and he allegedly had to climb through a window to get inside.

He went to bed and woke up the next morning to see that his mom and baby brother still hadn’t come home. Concerned, Eamon called Kathleen’s friend, and they contacted her parents.

SeanPavonePhoto – – illustrative purposes only

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