She Always Thought Her Cat Ran Away, But Then She Got A Job As A Vet Tech And Found Out Her Mom Euthanized Her Cat

Even though it was years ago, the news hit Hayley hard. Imagine uncovering your parent’s lie while at your new job!

Many viewers on TikTok found the video both heartbreaking and hilarious. Some could also relate to the fibs their parents told them about their beloved childhood pets.

“My mom accidentally ran over our cat. Told us it ran away until 10 years later she let it slip,” commented one viewer.

“I thought I was lucky because my poodle Mitzi went to live on a farm when she got old,” said another.

“Mom’s been waking up at 3 am wondering how long it will be before you discover this info,” joked a third.

What are the lies your parents fed you about your pets growing up?


Gets a new job at a vet hospital, finds out her cat did NOT, in fact, run away. #vetmed #mamalied

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