He’s Supposed To Be Getting Married This Summer, But He’s Thinking Of Ending His Engagement

Nebojsa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Over the summer, this 28-year-old man is supposed to be getting married to his 25-year-old fiancée.

They’ve spent five years together so far, and for the majority of their relationship, they have been madly in love and happy to be spending time with one another.

He always felt that they made an excellent team, especially since they share the same opinions surrounding money, kids, and general beliefs.

“She is an incredible homemaker and works a job she is passionate about while I take care of other chores and bring home more than we need. It works out really well,” he explained.

But over the last several months, they have encountered some setbacks, and he’s struggling to feel like his fiancée is truly his partner.

Right now, it simply feels like she’s his roommate, and nothing is helping to change things. This is why he’s thinking of ending his engagement and walking away, even though they just bought a home together, which certainly complicates breaking up.

The first thing on his checklist of concerns that makes him doubt his fiancée is the one for him is that they don’t share any hobbies.

While he loves board games, concerts, music, gaming, and the great outdoors, his fiancée prefers to stay at home and cook, watch TV, or shop.

“Her interests are things that we do together often, but she is not interested in partaking in my hobbies,” he said.

Nebojsa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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