Don’t Feel Bad About Being An Outfit Repeater: Instead, Use These Savvy Styling Tips To Refresh Your Look Every Single Time

A blazer or a denim jacket can lend an entirely new character to a dress or a top-and-jeans combo. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual pairings, either. You might be surprised at what works!

Mix Up Your Color Palette

Sticking to a monochromatic look one day and then contrasting colors the next can dramatically change the appearance of an outfit, too.

If you’re wearing a black dress, you can pair it with white accessories one day and colorful ones the next. Then, that same outfit could look strikingly different just by changing the color scheme.

Focus On Hair And Makeup

Additionally, switching up your hairstyle and makeup can give your repeated outfit a fresh context.

If you wore your hair down with a soft makeup look the first time, try an updo with a bolder lip color next. These changes, though subtle, can still make a significant impact.

Play With Proportions

You can also try experimenting with the silhouette of your outfit by tucking in your shirt, rolling up your sleeves, or cinching your waist with a belt.

These small tweaks can change the entire look of an outfit, giving it a new life.

Invest In Versatile Staples

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