He Found Out His Mother-In-Law Was Spying Through Their Camera And Watching His Arguments With His Wife, So Now He Doesn’t Want Her To Move Back In With Them

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This man is currently married, and after his eldest child was born, his mother-in-law moved in and lived with them for about four and a half years.

Then, this past Spring, his mother-in-law went to live with another one of her children and is supposed to move back in with them in the Spring of 2024.

However, following a recent discovery he made during an argument with his wife, he definitely does not want that to happen anymore.

Apparently, it all began when he and his wife were fighting about his past and how he struggled with depression.

For some context, he hasn’t had any mental health incidents in over ten years. And before they got engaged, he made sure to tell his wife about his “major incidents.”

Now, he admitted that he didn’t tell her a “detailed history” and opted not to tell her about the span of a few months– when he decided to quit an abusive job.

“But my other major depressive instances were all disclosed and weren’t as linked to external stress,” he noted.

“And I’ve been off antidepressants for six years before meeting my wife, almost 15 years now.”

Anyway, while they were arguing about this, his wife casually dropped a bomb on him– claiming that his mother-in-law was aware of all his struggles since his mother-in-law would actually watch all of their fights on their camera system.

Photo 57028018 © Vadymvdrobot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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