He Got Accused Of Being Selfish After Declining To Let His Friend Move In Rent-Free - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 36-year-old man currently owns a two-bedroom home, and he worked really hard to become a homeowner. So, following years of living in tiny, cramped apartments, he views his house as his sanctuary.

However, he has a friend named Alex who has been struggling financially. Apparently, Alex lost his job and was then forced to move out of his apartment.

Alex knew that he had a spare room in his home, too. That’s why he was asked to let Alex live at his house, rent-free, until his friend could get back on his feet.

While he is totally on board with helping out a friend when they’re in a tough situation, though, he has some reservations about letting Alex stay with him.

“First, Alex has a history of being somewhat irresponsible with money and jobs. I’m worried this could turn into a long-term solution,” he explained.

Secondly, he really values having his own space and enjoying the peace and quiet in his own house.

Still, Alex doesn’t really understand that and claims that’s what friends are for– to help each other out.

“Alex has also mentioned how he would do the same for me if our roles were reversed,” he added.

Some of their mutual friends agreed with Alex, too, and accused him of being selfish. After all, he has plenty of space, and Alex is currently in a very difficult situation. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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