He Was Cleaning Out His Apartment And Discovered That His Girlfriend Had Taken Creepy “Stalker Photos” Of Him Before They Even Met

Shi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the last three years, this 23-year-old man has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, 25. The two of them met right outside of his previous employer while she was a college student.

On the day they met, they stood outside talking for two hours. This turned into an intensely romantic situation between them. They would constantly bump into each other randomly, and they’d hook up.

Over time, he started to have romantic feelings for her, and she divulged that she had been feeling the same way since the day they met.

From then on, they were in an exclusive, committed relationship. Throughout the entire time that they’ve been dating, his girlfriend has been faithful and kind. Besides a horrible discovery he recently made, they haven’t had any problems.

He works as a paramedic, and not long ago, he was injured while working. A work colleague Naloxone’d a homeless man, and while the two of them were getting ready to transfer him, the man attempted to retaliate and stab his colleague.

He protected his colleague, so the man ended up stabbing him. Luckily, he was okay, but he had to take some time off work in order to recover.

Not long before this incident, his girlfriend moved in with him. So far, they haven’t been able to get everything organized yet.

He decided to take his time off work to do some cleaning and rearranging. His plan was to start with the den since he and his girlfriend both had a lot of their belongings there.

She works as an art director and photographer. He was about to throw away an empty box that used to hold a lens, but he stopped when he opened the box and realized there was an SD card in it.

Shi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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