Her Fiancé Makes $310,000 A Year, Calls Her A Financial Burden, And Complains About Paying For Everything

opolja - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old woman has been having some serious issues with her 30-year-old fiancé, which all revolve around money.

Now, her fiancé does pay for approximately 90% of their lives. He works in tech and makes $310,000 per year, and she works as a nurse making $60,000 a year. She adores her job and works her heart out.

She says they live in an area that’s well known for being ridiculously expensive, and she’s honestly considering finding a second job so that she “can make ends meet.”

Since her fiancé is the one who covers the bulk of their living expenses, she makes sure to do the majority of their housework to make things more fair and equal.

Despite her picking up chores around the house, her fiancé has been getting increasingly mad at her recently over the fact that his salary is funding their lives.

“We really don’t live extravagantly,” she explained. “I promise I don’t ask him to buy me things or anything like that either.”

“He’ll sometimes get this bout of generosity where he’ll offer to buy me something I’ve been eying, but I almost always say no, or if I do accept, I offer to pay half of the total cost. We bought a small house a few years ago and still don’t have furniture to make use of the living room because he “didn’t want to pay for it.”

“I feel at a loss because I love him regardless of salary, but it feels like my worth to him is closely tied to my earnings. He keeps making nasty comments about how I’m a “financial burden” and an “overall net negative” and how “someone has to work to pay for everything.”

All of her fiancé’s nasty remarks are making her feel terrible about herself. She doesn’t see how she can ever be enough for him, and she’s beginning to suspect there’s more to the problem than just money.

opolja – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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