Her Friend Told Her To Dress Business Casual For Their Courthouse Wedding, But When She Showed Up In A Work Dress, Her Friend And Her Friend’s Mom Both Seemed Annoyed

andrii kobryn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Last week Thursday, this woman’s friend, Jill, got married. The wedding was small and held at the courthouse.

There were only about 15 guests in total, and they only invited close friends and family for their special day. Prior to the wedding, she asked Jill what the dress code was.

“‘She replied, ‘Whatever you want! I don’t really care. However, I’d say it’s along the lines of business casual.’ Jill wore a full-on white wedding dress with a veil and her husband a tux,” she said.

Because the ceremony was at 6 p.m., her plan was to wear what she’d worn to work. Due to her schedule, she would be going to the wedding immediately after work.

“It was a plum-colored work dress and black pumps. The issue was, when both Jill and her mother saw me, Jill looked annoyed, and her mom pulled a face and said, ‘Wow, you’re wearing that?'” she explained.

Immediately after their initial reaction, they pivoted away from the discussion. Jill gave her a hug, so she was confused about whether Jill and her mother’s annoyance with her choice of dress was all in her head.

She was further baffled when she realized that she wasn’t the only female friend of Jill’s who’d chosen to wear a dress.

Ironically, her dress was the most respectable. One woman was wearing a miniskirt, and she saw that someone else chose to wear a formal black cocktail dress.

Since she has a corporate job, she has to dress up for work and look professional. According to her company’s dress code, they aren’t allowed to bare their shoulders, wear anything too low-cut, or wear skirts or dresses that come above the knee.

andrii kobryn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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