Her Friend Tried Her Wedding Dress On, Got Lipstick Stains On It, Altered It Without Her Permission, And Posted The Photos All Over Social Media

kelvn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This young woman is getting married soon, and her dream dress comes from a designer based in New York City.

She doesn’t live remotely close to NYC, so her only way to get this specific wedding dress was to go through a retailer local to her.

This meant she would have to pay $2,400 for the dress, plus more for her alterations. Somehow, she managed to find the exact dress she wanted in her size on a website, and it was brand new.

Apparently, the woman who owned the wedding dress sadly had to cancel her own wedding, so she was selling the dress for $900 in New York City through a website.

Now, her friend S was in New York City when she found the dress online, and S said she was happy to pick up the dress and bring it home for her, as they live in the same place.

She was thrilled and appreciative that S offered to go get the dress for her. She agreed to reimburse S for the cost of the dress, as well as her Uber rides to and from the location of the dress.

She also planned on surprising S with $100 on top of everything to really show her how grateful she was.

“However, my joy turned to shock/horror/dismay/disbelief when I saw S’s Instagram story showcasing her trying on MY wedding dress,” she explained.

“I called her out for it, telling her I wasn’t happy she not only tried it without my permission but posted it for the public to see. She didn’t take it down even after a conversation we had about this.”

kelvn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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