His Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Live In The Same House As His Late Wife, But He’s Not Selling His Home

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This 40-year-old man was married to his late wife for nearly 11 years when she sadly passed away due to cancer about a year and a half ago.

He remained by her side, supporting her until the end. And now, he has been raising their two children– an 8-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son.

“My daughter is in therapy, and my son still doesn’t quite understand,” he explained.

“And I feel the need to make sure he doesn’t forget his mommy, so I share pictures and videos of her.”

Six months ago, he also began dating a new 32-year-old woman. According to him, she is successful, beautiful, understanding, and young. His girlfriend has also never been married, doesn’t have kids, and owns her own home.

They both work in corporate America, too, and his girlfriend earns a higher salary than he does. But, most importantly, she really loves his kids, and his children love his girlfriend.

That’s why he and his girlfriend have discussed building a future together. However, there is one big issue: what to do about his house. He has lived in his home for nearly six years now, and his kids grew up there.

“I’ve taken down a lot of pictures of my late wife and me out of respect for my girlfriend. But understandably, she has hesitations about beginning our new life as a family in the same house,” he revealed.

Now, he really is not interested in moving. He already lives on half an acre, has a pool, and his house is right next to his children’s school. Not to mention, it’s a large, two-story home.

coralimages – – illustrative purposes only

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