How To Pick A Concealer That Will Work Best For Your Skin Tone And Eventually Become One Of The Most Sacred Items In Your Makeup Bag

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Concealer is one of the most amazing and useful makeup products ever to exist. Have dark circles? Use concealer. Want to hide a blemish on your face before a date? Some concealer will do the trick.

However, using a concealer that isn’t right for your skin tone or personal pigmentation can look a bit whack.

When you’re wearing a concealer or foundation that’s too light or too dark, it can seem rather obvious that you’re wearing a face of makeup, which isn’t ideal in a world of “clean girl” and minimalistic beauty trends.

So, here are some tips for picking out a concealer that will work best for your skin tone and eventually become one of the most sacred items in your makeup bag.

Interestingly, many makeup artists recommend using different shades of concealer for different parts of your face.

So, for instance, you’d want a concealer with a peach or orange undertone for concealing your under eyes and a concealer that can go on top of a green-toned primer for blemishes and dark spots.

This is because those parts of your face have different shades and, therefore, require different tones of concealer to counteract them.

But first, you have to find a good concealer that works with your skin tone. Here’s one of the best ways to test one out before committing to it!

Interestingly, many makeup experts say applying and blending concealer into your jawline is one of the best ways to see how well its color matches with your skin.

T.Den_Team – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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