If You’re Still Searching For A Treat To Whip Up On Christmas Day, This No-Bake Christmas Pretzel Wreath Recipe Is Sweet, Salty, And Simply Stunning

TikTok - @alisha_larson

Between all the cookies, pies, and brownies you’re making this holiday season, you and your oven are working overtime. You both deserve a much-needed break. With a no-bake recipe, you can get dessert on the table without even touching the oven. It’s a Christmas miracle!

In a video with over 7.2 million views, TikToker Alisha Larson (@alisha_larson) is showing you how to turn an unassuming bag of pretzels into edible Christmas wreaths that are sweet and salty in every bite you take.

These treats allow you to turn the kitchen temperature down and keep stress levels low while still ensuring that you’ve got a holiday hit on your hands. Here’s how to make Christmas pretzel wreaths.


  • Mini pretzel twists
  • Green candy melts
  • Red, white, and green sprinkles


The first step is to melt the green chocolate candies in the microwave in thirty-second intervals. Stir until the melts have achieved a smooth consistency. When the candies are completely melted, dip half of each pretzel in. Arrange the pretzels in a circle on top of a sheet of parchment paper or foil.

Next, add a second layer of dipped pretzels on top to create a wreath shape, making sure to alternate so that the pretzels aren’t directly on top of each other. Then, decorate your pretzel wreaths with festive sprinkles.

To add some more holiday pizzazz, you can decorate the pretzel wreaths with red and green M&M’s to act as ornaments! You can even make a bow by cutting strips of red licorice and tying each strand into a bow. Secure the bow to the wreath with a drop of melted chocolate. Finally, let the melted candy harden and set on the pretzels before serving your Christmas treat.

TikTok – @alisha_larson

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