She Called Her Mom Ungrateful After She Bought Her Mom Flowers, A Cake, Lunch, And Planned To Foot The Bill For A Birthday Dinner

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Just yesterday, this 23-year-old woman’s mother celebrated her forty-eighth birthday, and she did everything she could to make sure that her mom had a great day.

For starters, her mom had been talking about wanting to eat at either one of two restaurants– both of which were very expensive and a decent drive away.

Nonetheless, she made reservations and was set to take her mom and 20-year-old sister out to dinner later that day.

She also planned to foot the bill, which she anticipated would cost somewhere between $150 and $170 for the three of them.

Plus, she bought her mother flowers that cost $40, a cake that cost $30, and she even purchased take-out for lunch for herself, her mom, and her sister. She took care of buying her sister’s card for their mother, too.

“Mind you, my sister doesn’t work and didn’t give my mom a gift for her birthday, nor did she get my mom one for Christmas,” she said.

Yet, aside from her mother’s birthday celebration, she spent about $500 on Christmas presents for just her mom and sister– even though she knows that she will only be receiving two presents from her mom this year.

Still, throughout the entire day, she felt like her mom was acting really unappreciative of all her efforts.

It began in the morning when her mom wanted to open a Christmas present early since it was obviously her birthday.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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