She Felt Offended When Her In-Laws Called The Restaurant She Works At And Asked For Her To Be Their Christmas Dinner Server

rh2010 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This young woman recently got married, and this Christmas, her super-rich in-laws are coming to visit.

They will be staying with her and her husband in their brand-new house while they’re in town visiting.

Her in-laws said that they were interested in going to eat at a restaurant for Christmas evening, though she mentioned she was happy to make a homemade feast for all of them instead of going out.

Her in-laws declined her generous offer to cook Christmas dinner, and she was alright with that and moved on.

“Now, here’s where it gets interesting,” she explained. “I am currently working as a server in our town after recently being laid off from my corporate job. Lucky for me, the restaurant is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas.”

“Well, turns out my mother-in-law had other plans. She called up my workplace without speaking to me beforehand and asked for me to be their server for their entire Christmas dinner.”

“I found out through my husband that I’d be playing the role of their server for their festive family celebration, and my Christmas “gift” would be a sweet tip and takeout from my restaurant.”

She found this not only incredibly strange but offensive too. Her in-laws made a reservation to come in and have dinner on the day before the restaurant is closed for the holidays.

She also was upset that clearly her in-laws don’t view her as family, as they didn’t invite her to come to the dinner, they only wanted her to be their server.

rh2010 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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