She Spent About $1,000 While Planning Her Friend’s Bachelorette Party, But She Cancelled The Celebration Arrangements After She Was Randomly Kicked Out Of The Bridal Party And Got Accused Of Ruining Her Friend’s Wedding

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I’ve always empathized with women who spend a whole bunch of money to be their friend or relative’s bridesmaid, only to be treated like garbage throughout the wedding planning process.

One young woman recently spent around $1,000 on her friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid and was left to set up her bachelorette party. However, she canceled the arrangements after being kicked out of her friend’s bridal party for petty reasons.

She’s a full-time student living off student loans and has spent a lot of money on her friend’s upcoming wedding, as she’s one of her bridesmaids. She’s spent hundreds of dollars on the bridesmaid dress, her friend’s wedding gift, flights to the wedding location, etc.

Although she’s just a bridesmaid, she recently had to spend more money and take on more responsibilities after the maid of honor, who is very pregnant, asked her to make arrangements for a surprise bachelorette party.

After consulting with the other bridesmaids, she planned the perfect party for her friend and paid for the arrangements out of pocket on top of the thousand dollars she had already spent.

“I spent $400 on a limo to go bar hopping [because] the bride loves bar hopping, and I booked us a $700 AirBnB to crash in afterward,” she explained.

“As of right now, the other bridesmaids did not chip in. This was out of pocket, but they said they would pay me back later.”

Then, about a month after she planned the bachelorette party, the bride unexpectedly took her and two other girls out of their bridesmaid group chat. She texted them each a long paragraph explaining that they were kicked out of the bridal party for “not respecting her wishes,” but then didn’t go on to elaborate.

Two days later, the bride added her and the other girls back into the bridal party and apologized, saying she was stressed out and didn’t mean to kick them out. 

BY-_-BY – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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