She Told Her Relatives To Lock Up Their Christmas Presents After Her Niece Opened Them All Without Permission Last Year

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If you’re a parent who celebrates Christmas, did you ever have a kid open up one of their Christmas presents before they were supposed to?

One woman recently suggested that her relatives lock up their Christmas presents or put a gate around them after her niece opened them all without permission before Christmas morning last year. Now, her brother and sister-in-law are mad at her.

Every year, she and her siblings gather their kids and relatives to celebrate Christmas at her parent’s house. They stay there for a few days and happily watch the kids open their presents on Christmas morning. 

Each Christmas Eve at her parents’ house, the kids sleep in the finished basement and are strictly told not to open any presents the next morning without waking up the parents first. The kids were always good about following this rule until last year.

Last year, her brother married a woman named Sally, who had a seven-year-old daughter named Mindy from a previous marriage.

They spent their first Christmas as a family at her parents’ house with everyone else, and Mindy was instructed to follow the same present rule as the other kids. Unfortunately, that Christmas morning kicked off with a disaster.

“Once the kids were asleep, we put all the gifts under the tree and eventually went to bed ourselves,” she recalled.

“The next morning, around 6:00 am, I woke up early and [headed] downstairs. I [found] the living room a mess [and] half of the gifts were unwrapped. Several of them had been ripped from their boxes [and] there was Mindy, playing with some of the toys.”

Most of the toys Mindy opened weren’t hers, which she had to have known because they were clearly labeled and she could read.

imynzul – – illustrative purposes only

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