She Was Followed Home By A Creepy Guy Who Hid Behind A Car And Took Pictures Of Her Apartment Building, So Now She’s Worried That He Plans To Stalk Her

“I got the feeling he was taking pictures of me. I completely freaked out, but my first thought was that I was athletic enough to put up with this creep, and I needed to stay focused,” she explained.

Finally, she reached the main street where her apartment building was located. Suddenly, she chose to make a right turn as quickly as possible in hopes of throwing off the man.

Luckily, he didn’t follow after her, so she wondered if she had just been imagining that he was following her. It made her think that this all was maybe just a coincidence. A couple of minutes later, though, it turned out that the man was following after her once more.

Throughout the entire walk home, there were people out on the street corners, so tons of witnesses were around. It was unlikely that this man would be able to do anything without someone seeing it.

When she reached her apartment, she rushed inside as fast as she could, looking out the window to make sure the man hadn’t been right behind her and felt safe now that she was home.

“After an hour or so, my husband checked our building’s security camera and saw that as I rushed into the building, this creep hid behind a car and stayed there for a good few minutes, watching the building,” she shared.

“Afterward, he approached the entrance and took a picture of the entrance and the address engraved on it.”

Understandably, she’s concerned that this man will stalk her and her family, and she doesn’t know what to do.

What advice would you give her?

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