She Was Murdered After Heading Out For A Walk On A Popular Trail: Her Killer’s DNA Was Found At The Crime Scene, And He Also Was Connected To A Burglary

Harford County Sheriff’s Department - pictured above is Rachel

Can you imagine one of your loved ones heading out for a relaxing walk along a popular trail with a safe reputation, only to find out that they were killed on that trail?

That tragedy happened to the family of Rachel Morin, a mother of five who was tragically murdered while walking a popular trail in Maryland.

Rachel Morin was a 37-year-old mother, passionate about her children and known for her effortless ability to spread joy.

Aside from being a mother, Rachel loved fashion, dressing up, and fitness, often visiting the gym and running impressive races.

This summer, she went out for an evening walk on a popular trail in Bel Air, Maryland, and tragically never returned home.

On Saturday, August 5th, 2023, Rachel left home for an early evening walk on the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail, a 6.25-mile-long trail that is popular amongst Maryland residents and generally a safe place for walking, jogging, biking, etc.

However, Rachel’s boyfriend, Richard, became very concerned when she still hadn’t returned home around 11:30 pm that night, so he called the police to report her missing.

The next day, while authorities held a search for Rachel, her body was found off the trail. It quickly became apparent that she had been killed and did not die from an accident.

While looking for Rachel, investigators found her car parked near the trail, where Richard assumed it would be.

Harford County Sheriff’s Department – pictured above is Rachel

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