She Went On A Work Trip With Her Husband And Thought His Female Coworker Was Flirting, So She Told The Woman That She Wouldn’t “Share” Her Husband

He was angry and asked her if she was “insecure.”

After thinking about it, she came to the decision that she wasn’t reacting this way out of insecurity but because she felt like her husband’s coworker was flirting with him.

The following day, her husband’s coworker gave him a ride to their work site.

She was furious about this, but she felt like she was able to remain as calm as possible.

After they were done working, they came back to the hotel, and she met them at the front of the hotel because she and her husband had dinner plans.

The three of them were talking for a little while, and they were conversing about good restaurants nearby.

At one point, her husband left because he had to go grab a file that his coworker needed for the next day.

Since she and her husband were leaving the next day, she told his coworker that they had a ton of snacks and paper products left over if she wanted to take any of them.

His coworker was appreciative and agreed to take anything they didn’t need.

“I looked her dead in the eyes and told, ‘We’ve got so much stuff left over. Cheese, crackers, and unopened food. There’s quite a bit that should hold you over for at least a week. I’ll share just about anything with you, but I won’t share my husband.’ She looked like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar,” she explained.

The woman was clearly shocked and didn’t say anything, and she didn’t break eye contact with her.

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