She’s Rating All The Bad Guys She Attended Frat Date Parties With

Dash - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Date parties are events at a college or university that are usually hosted by a fraternity or sorority. Each member gets to bring a date, hence why it’s called a date party.

These events can be a fun and magical time; however, it’s extremely easy for the night to turn sour. TikToker Becca Moore (@becccamooore) is rating her worst date party dates with frat guys. In this case, the higher the rating, the worse the date was.

“If you don’t know what a date party is, it’s basically a frat rents out a bar, they invite a date, and you dress up. So basically, it’s like frat mini prom,” explained Becca.

So the first guy was really nice. But halfway through, he asked her if he could leave to go meet his girlfriend’s mom for the first time.

“I was like, oh, first time meeting the parents? That is huge. I am at your date party that you invited me to, but other than that, you got this,” said Becca. She gave him a fourteen out of ten.

The second guy asked Becca to go to his frat’s formal at a cabin. But he forgot to pack his clothing. Then, he told her that it didn’t make much of a difference anyway since he only owned three shirts at a time.

That way, he could wear them in an easy rotation so he wouldn’t have to think too much about his outfits.

Becca was mad at him and didn’t really talk to him the entire time because she ended up in a white gown that resembled a wedding dress while he wore a plain-looking polo shirt.

The next morning, she saw him making pancakes in the kitchen. She asked if she could have a pancake, but he said no and told her he was really hungry even though there was a whole platter of pancakes on the counter. Becca rated him a four hundred out of ten.

Dash – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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