When Her Grandma Saw She Brought Her Signature Christmas Snack To Their Family Gathering, She Got Upset And Possessive - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

While grandmothers are usually charming, sweet, and loving women, they can sometimes be a bit controlling. This is especially true if they love to do most of the cooking for the family.

One woman recently brought her sister’s favorite dessert to their family Christmas gathering after her grandmother refused to make it for her this year. However, when her grandmother saw she had brought it, she became very upset and possessive.

She’s 27 and has a 24-year-old sister. They have a complicated relationship with their grandmother, as she’s always treated their aunt and cousins differently than she treats them.

“My sister and I have always felt like my grandmother played favorites and liked our cousins better than she likes us,” she said.

“We fully admit that some of this may be in our heads, but the evidence is definitely there. For reasons I won’t get into, she and my mom have always butted heads, and we’ve always felt like she’s favored my aunt and her kids as a result.”

Another reason why her grandmother may favor the others in her family is because her aunt and cousins live right near her, while she, her sister, and her mom live three hours away.

This year, her grandmother is having everyone over to celebrate Christmas. Every year, she prepares desserts for the entire family and asks everyone to send her their favorite ones so she can make them. 

Everyone sent in their dessert requests, including her sister, who asked for some yummy chocolate cinnamon pretzels her grandmother usually makes. Her grandmother told everyone she’d be making everything except the pretzels because she had already made them a few times this year and didn’t want to do it again.

“My sister was heartbroken [because] this is her favorite thing that my grandmother makes at Christmas, and she couldn’t be bothered to make it once for my sister, despite making it repeatedly for my uncle,” she explained. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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