Her Maid Of Honor Did Nothing To Help With Her Wedding, So She Asked Another Bridesmaid To Take On The Role And Now Wants To Kick Her Original Maid Of Honor Out Of The Bridal Party Completely

Semenova Jenny - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old woman and her friend, Emma, 33, have been friends for the last five years. One year ago, she got engaged, and her wedding is this June. She asked Emma to take on the role of maid of honor, and Emma happily accepted.

“Since then, she has helped with nothing. She even canceled on coming dress shopping with me and my family because she ‘didn’t feel like it,'” she said.

For her wedding, she’s doing a lot of DIY projects, and she’s reached out to Emma several times requesting her assistance. However, Emma has always provided tons of excuses, claiming to be ill or stating that she honestly isn’t interested in pitching in.

She ordered bridesmaid dresses online, and Emma promised to pay for her dress when she came to pick it up, but she didn’t follow through with this. Throughout the entire time she’s been wedding planning, she’s done her best to give Emma grace, but last week, she reached her limit.

“I called and texted her, trying to contact her, as I had not heard from her in a month. She said she does not want to talk to me at the moment,” she explained.

One of her bridesmaids, Ann, has been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout the process, assisting her with a ton of wedding-related projects. So, she decided to ask Ann if she would be interested in stepping up to be her new maid of honor, adding that she would tell Emma to step down from the role officially.

Her plan was to allow Emma to be a bridesmaid, so she attempted to get in touch with her, letting her know she had something urgent she needed to discuss. Unfortunately, Emma didn’t answer her messages, so she was completely in the dark about the fact that she was no longer the maid of honor.

Even though it’s been frustrating that Emma has been so unresponsive and absent throughout the planning process, she acknowledged that Emma suffers from depression, so she is also concerned that her behavior is related to her mental health. Throughout her numerous attempts to reach Emma, she also asked if she was alright, but Emma wasn’t too responsive to these messages, either.

“Ann has done so much in just a week. I now have a bachelorette date, a wedding shower date, a cake, a limo, and more. I still want her in my wedding, but my fiancé is saying I should just kick her out completely if she does not talk to me in the next week,” she shared.

Semenova Jenny – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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