She Moved To A Rural Town And, While Facetiming Her Friend, A Creepy, Grinning Man Pressed His Face And Hands Up Against A Glass Door Behind Her

Iona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A couple of weeks ago, a girl named Anastasia had a terrifying experience. A year ago, she and her mother moved closer to the rest of their family, who lived in a town on the east coast. Anastasia’s aunt, her aunt’s wife, and her cousins lived just a 10-minute walk away from the house she and her mother moved into.

In the rural town that Anastasia and her mother moved to, the houses were spread out with a lot of land between them, but their town was only 15 minutes away from a large city. On this particular day, Anastasia’s mother was at work, and her mother didn’t want her to be home alone almost all day, so she walked with her two dachshunds over to her aunt’s house to spend the day with her.

At the end of the day, Anastasia and her dogs walked home from her aunt’s house, and she was soaking in the peaceful walk. It was freezing, but she thought it was still a gorgeous day outside. Once she and the dogs got to her house, she gave her dogs and two birds their food and FaceTimed one of her friends.

As Anastasia conversed with her friend, she did some chores around the house. While taking the trash out to the can on the side of the house, she talked animatedly to him on the phone, and the two of them laughed a lot. When she got back inside, she was still on the phone and lay on her bed to relax. Suddenly, one of her birds, a parrot, began making a lot of noise.

“Anyone who has owned a parrot knows they have distinct noises for certain moments. She has been in my family for 76 years and with me my whole life, so I knew the sound was of alarm/intrigue. I brush it off, assuming she saw her window reflection, and go back to talking to my friend,” Anastasia said.

Later, she left her bedroom to get some water, and her back was turned to the sliding glass door, which was luckily locked. She was still FaceTiming with her friend, so she was holding her phone up and her friend could see the glass door behind her. Then, her friend seemed horrified and in shock. At first, Anastasia was baffled and wondered if he was injured, but he ordered her to return to her room immediately.

“I scoff, but then I see it in my camera view. There is a man with his face and hands pressed up against the glass door. He’s a middle-aged white guy in a grey pullover and dark pants and a grin on his face. My friend, ever the best in panicked situations, tells me, ‘Don’t look at him. Just go to your room.’ I was shaking so hard,” she explained.

Anastasia was so scared that she started speaking in her native language, German (English isn’t her first language), and her friend didn’t speak German, so he had no idea what she was saying. However, her friend is a great person to have around during an emergency because he thinks quickly and takes control in dire situations. He told Anastasia that he would be at her house in 10 minutes, and he then called the cops for her.

In the meantime, she wondered if she should bolt to her mother’s bedroom to find something to protect herself with, just in case the creepy man outside managed to break in before her friend or the cops arrived.

Iona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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