She Was Accused Of Upstaging Her Cousin After She Wore The Same Color Dress To Her Engagement Party

kharchenkoirina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 27-year-old woman attended her 29-year-old cousin’s engagement party after some tension in their family meant that they had a falling out for more than a decade.

Her family and her cousin’s family literally went 10 to 12 years without speaking due to some issues their dads had with one another.

Her dad and her cousin’s dad are one of four brothers who all absolutely hate one another.

“The feud recently came to an end because all the kids are grown up now, and we kind of want to keep our differences aside and enjoy the upcoming events. We all had a little reunion,” she said.

She was invited to her cousin’s engagement party, and she wore a nice peach-colored gown that she was gifted from someone three years ago. Their family is Indian and the brides normally prefer lehengas or saares to wear.

“Now, I want to highlight that I take good care of myself. I do yoga and dance to stay fit,” she explained.

“On some special occasions, I love to dress up a lot. It makes me feel good and confident. My cousin is a doctor, and due to her schedule, she has put on some weight, but I respect her because her profession is tougher than mine. I am an engineer.”

When she arrived with her mom at the party, her cousin was running late, but the groom’s side of the family was warm and welcoming to them.

Her cousin finally showed up two hours late to her own party, and she was horrified when she saw what her cousin was wearing.

kharchenkoirina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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