She Was Accused Of Upstaging Her Cousin After She Wore The Same Color Dress To Her Engagement Party

The bride had on almost exactly the same peach-colored gown, the only difference was a slightly more shimmery bottom part of the dress.

Her cousin spent the entire party ignoring her completely. Her mom noticed and told her to relax because the matching color was an accident and she should focus on enjoying herself.

While talking to one of her other cousins at the party, one of the bride’s “besties” came over to talk to her, telling her that she needed to change out of her dress because it was the same color as the bride. However, she declined to do this for several reasons.

“1. There was nothing else to wear and 2. My house was several kilometers away, and it would take me almost 2 hours to do so,” she continued.

“She started suggesting different options for buying a new dress, or she could lend me some clothes. I firmly told her no.”

Once the ceremony started, her cousin didn’t look upset or mad, she was smiling because she was getting engaged to the love of her life.

They both got lots of compliments on their dresses. She thought everything was fine, that the drama had passed. But her cousin’s two besties kept giving her side eye, and one even tried to private message her on Instagram.

Come to find out, there was an after-party thrown by the couple. Cousins, family, and close friends were invited. All except her.

What would you have down? Was it rational for the best friends of the bride to demand that she change?

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