She’s A French Teacher And Writer Dishing Everything You Need To Know About “Baquette Etiquette” When Visiting France And Indulging In Some Fresh-Baked Dough

Oleksandra Voinova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever envisioned yourself visiting the dreamy city of Paris, France, walking around toting a baguette in your arms or tote bag?

While it’s somewhat of a stereotype in pop culture, it’s no secret that French people love their baguettes and take them very seriously. As someone who’s had the privilege of visiting Paris, I can tell you there are few things more delicious than high-quality, freshly baked French bread.

If you’re traveling to France soon or have a general fascination with French culture and food, you’ll probably love learning about ‘baguette etiquette’ from this content creator.

Cécilia (@hellofrenchnyc) is a French teacher, content creator, and writer based in New York City who travels back and forth between France and the U.S. and is passionate about teaching Americans about the French language and culture.

Cécilia recently went viral on TikTok after she posted a video all about how to order and eat beautiful baguettes in France to make that experience much more authentic!

The first step is to order a baguette from a bakery. Cécilia then explains how to order a baguette that’s baked to your liking.

“If you like your baguette crispy, then you should order ‘une baguette bien cuite,'” says Cécilia.

That means you’ll be asking for a baguette that’s ‘well-cooked.’

“If you like it on the softer side, then you would order ‘une baguette pas trop cuite,'” says Cécilia.

Oleksandra Voinova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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