He Told His Wife That He Didn’t Want Her To Get Any More Tattoos And Admitted How, If She Did, He Wouldn’t Be Physically Attracted To Her Anymore

Artem Markin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old man and his wife, who is also 33, have recently been on a wellness journey together– working to become healthier and happier in their lives. In the process, they’ve also managed to become more confident in their own bodies.

“We have enjoyed the transformations together and really have created a sound partnership in doing so,” he said.

However, his wife’s newfound confidence has pushed her to want to get a series of different tattoos, and he isn’t really on board.

For some context, he’s never been a huge fan of tattoos. But his wife already had multiple, and he was fine with that.

Now, though, she wants to get her new tattoo ideas done by his brother-in-law– who owns a tattoo shop.

But, he thinks that’s a major issue since he believes that his brother-in-law simply is not a good tattoo artist.

“All of her tattoos she has had done are by him, and not one of them has turned out the way she envisions, but they are free,” he explained.

He has tried talking to his wife about it, too, and telling her that she shouldn’t just be used at his brother-in-law’s “practice canvas.” After all, his brother-in-law has had to fix every single tattoo his wife has ever gotten.

Still, his wife didn’t listen, so he was forced to be honest. More specifically, he admitted that if his wife continues getting tattoos from his brother-in-law– and goes through with all the tattoo ideas she has planned– he might not be attracted to her physically anymore.

Artem Markin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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