He Wants To Invite His Ex To His Wedding Because They’re Still Close, But His Fiancée Is Totally Against It And Hasn’t Slept At Home Ever Since He Asked

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This 34-year-old man and his fiancée, Kate, 35, are marrying this October after being in a relationship for nearly three years. He’s thrilled for them to be able to take that next step and marry the love of his life.

Not long ago, they began solidifying their guest list, and he told Kate that he was hoping they could invite Sara, his ex-girlfriend.

He was in a relationship with Sara during their junior and senior years of high school, and they mutually broke up before they moved away to attend college.

They had no hard feelings after the breakup, so they’ve remained good friends to this day. Almost 9 years ago, Sara and her now-husband married, and he was invited to the wedding.

“When I told Kate I wanted to invite Sara, she told me no. I asked her why, and she said Sara was my ex and it would cause ‘drama,'” he said.

In response, he countered that that idea was dumb, adding that Sara wouldn’t start problems at their wedding.

Then, Kate told him she was concerned that the focus would be on Sara because she was 7 months pregnant.

He argued that all of the guests on his side already knew about Sara’s pregnancy, so it wouldn’t be a big deal to them.

After that, he pointed out that the only guests who don’t know about Sara’s pregnancy are on Kate’s side, and they don’t know Sara, so they most likely wouldn’t talk to Sara anyway.

During their discussion, he brought up the hypocrisy of Kate inviting her ex-boyfriend to the wedding.

He didn’t think this was fair, but Kate claimed that since her ex is male and his is female, it isn’t the same scenario.

“I asked her what that meant. Kate said that we might have a drunk hookup together at the after-party because I’m still attracted to her,” he explained.

Kate’s concern was unwarranted, and he told her so. He explained that he was marrying her, and Sara had been married for 9 years. Plus, he and Sara broke up nearly 16 years ago, and he doesn’t have romantic feelings for her at all anymore and hasn’t in a long time.

Media Whale Stock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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