Her Fiancé Accused Her Of Using Her Disability To Manipulate Him

Her fiancé was irritated with her and ended up snapping. He demanded to know if she meant that she will never help with the laundry in their home ever.

She clarified that she can help do laundry, but it has to be on days when she hasn’t already had a full plate of activities.

She then stated she could help him get the laundry done the following day, as she would be rested enough to complete the task.

They kept arguing a bit, and her fiancé got even more displeased with her. Meanwhile, she was left feeling hurt that he wasn’t getting where she was coming from.

Eventually, her fiancé questioned her about whether she had used her disability in order to manipulate him, which made her sick to her stomach.

“I can’t believe he’d ask something like that,” she said. “He’s seen me at my worst, sobbing because of the pain and the surgeries I’ve had and will need in the future.”

“I hate that this is my life, and I hate inconveniencing people with it. I downplay it a lot. I usually pretend I have a sports injury when talking to strangers. I’ve never used it as an excuse. The only way I manipulate people is by pretending it’s not as bad as it actually is.”

“He’s been extremely apologetic since and even brought me breakfast in bed for the first time in years. He allowed me to sleep all day today because I’d overdone it so badly yesterday. He even let me have some of his fancy whisky, which he’d never normally do. He feels so guilty.”

While her fiancé is clearly sorry and can acknowledge how much damage his words did, she can’t move past it.

She’s sad and furious, and she figured her fiancé understood her disability. He has gone to her doctor’s appointments and has heard from medical professionals how severe her problems are.

He has viewed her X-rays and various scans. He is aware of the number of painkillers she has to ingest simply to make it through every single day.

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