Her Fiancé’s Best Man Wants To Bring The Girl He Cheated On His Wife With As A Plus-One To Their Wedding

Parilov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her fiancé are getting married soon, and her fiancé’s best man is someone she has really struggled to get along with.

Her fiancé’s best man is one of his childhood friends, and this guy happens to be a millionaire now, so they lead very different lives than he does (in contrast, she works as a teacher and lives in the Midwest, so it’s not that glamorous).

She has tried quite hard to find a reason to like her fiancé’s best man, and there are pieces of this guy that she connects with, so it hasn’t entirely been a lost cause.

Back when she first met her fiancé’s best man, he was married and shared three children with his wife. Her fiancé was even asked to be the godfather of his first child.

Last year, in the springtime, she ended up staying with her fiancé at his best man’s house to celebrate his daughter’s first communion, and she got to meet all of his family members she didn’t know.

“He’s a great dad and seemed like a good husband…until last month when his wife caught him cheating with a younger woman (fake [chest], lips, the whole thing),” she explained.

“The divorce has gotten very messy, especially with the kids being involved and all their money. I can’t help but be grossed out [by] my fiancé’s friend, but I understand they’re childhood friends and just try not to involve myself in conversations about it.”

The divorce will probably take months to complete, and it’s quite ugly. She’s not involved in any way, but it makes her incredibly sad to know how hard the divorce is on the kids involved.

Despite the cheating, her fiancé still wants this guy to be his best man, and she honestly doesn’t have an issue with it.

Parilov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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