Here Are All The Real Reasons Why There’s No Romance In Your Relationship And What You Can Actually Do About It

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When you’ve been in a relationship for a while or have gotten super comfortable around your partner, you may feel like there’s hardly any romance anymore.

Some people find romance in small, everyday occurrences and feel like there’s always some romance in their relationship. But it can become apparent for others when there isn’t a speck of romance in their relationship.

While it’s expected for romance to become less present in a relationship the longer it exists and grows, it can’t and should not fade completely. Romance is essential to any relationship, as it makes people feel safe and appreciated with their partner.

The longer you go without romance, the more disconnected you feel from your partner. Before you know it, your partner will feel more like a friend or roommate than they do your true love.

Before you go around pointing fingers and analyzing your entire relationship history to figure out why there’s no romance between you and your loved one, here are a few main reasons. 

You’re not connecting emotionally

There’s a big difference between briefly talking about your day with your partner in the evening and sitting down for a nice, long, vulnerable chat with them. If you’re not tuning in on your partner’s emotions and they’re not doing the same for you, you start to lose your emotional connection.

Don’t take one-on-one time with your partner for granted anymore, and be sure to check in with them emotionally.

There’s a lack of physical attraction

Nina/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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