She Was Featured On A Hockey Game Kiss Cam While On A First Date, And She Felt Embarrassed That Some Of Her Coworkers Saw The Whole Thing

Veronika Kraeva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Imagine you were at a sporting event with someone on your very first date together. Suddenly, when you look up at the big screen, you realize that the camera is pointed right at you and your date while the crowd is egging you on to kiss. This exact thing happened to TikToker @sad9to5girly.

One morning, a guy she met on a dating app asked her out to dinner and a local hockey game. She suggested that they just grab drinks instead since it was their first date.

They actually ended up having a lot of fun, so when it was time for the hockey game, she decided to go with him.

At one point during the hockey game, they were featured on the kiss cam. She instinctually uttered an exclamation to express her surprise, to which the whole arena laughed at.

The camera lingered on the two of them as everyone waited for them to kiss. He just looked at her while she laughed until the camera went away.

When she was alone, she checked her phone to see if she had received any notifications.

It just so happened that an executive-level leader at her workplace had texted her, making a playful remark about how she hadn’t given a smooch to the guy she was with at the hockey game.

She was super embarrassed and replied back, explaining that it had been a first date, so she wasn’t comfortable with kissing him yet, especially in front of a crowd of people.

Her coworker told her that several people from her department were at the game as well.

Veronika Kraeva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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