He’s Been A Prison Officer For 12 Years And Has Had Plenty Of Puzzling Paranormal Encounters While On The Job

Mirco - - illustrative purposes only

This man has been a prison officer for the last 12 years and has had numerous eerie, paranormal encounters. Because of the work he does, he is adept at remembering information from past events that he saw. Right now, he’s working at a different facility, but the previous prison he worked at had been built during the 1870s, and it was the oldest operating prison in the entire state.

Around the perimeter of the prison ran a huge, outdated brick wall. Throughout the last few decades, the prison was updated here and there, but some areas were left as they had been when it was first built.

When he was first hired and in training, the more experienced and senior employees claimed that the prison was haunted because many people died there throughout the history of the prison. They informed him and the other new hires that certain areas of the prison were more heavily haunted than others.

For example, one of the haunted areas was an older prison unit was used as segregation or solitary confinement, nicknamed “the hole.” This area had tons of prison graffiti all over the walls. At first, he didn’t think much of the tales his seniors told him, but he did admit that they were fascinating. Throughout the first eight months at the prison, he didn’t notice anything of the ordinary. But one night, that changed.

He was working an overtime night shift, dealing with what’s known in prison as a “one-on-one,” in which a prison officer monitors an inmate who wants to harm themselves to make sure the inmate isn’t able to hurt themselves. For the whole night, he had to be awake, and the inmate was checked for breathing at 15-minute intervals. One of his co-workers patrolled by every 28 minutes to make sure he was still awake.

At around 2 a.m., he shined his flashlight on the inmate’s cell, confirming he was still breathing, so he looked down at the clipboard where he had to check off this confirmation. Then, he noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye. Since his co-worker had already done his round about 15 minutes ago, and all the inmates were in their cells, no one should have been walking around at the time.

“I turn and see someone doing a round on the housing unit, but he isn’t right. This guy is wearing a blue uniform with a Breton cap and a shiny black leather belt and has a baton in his hand. The problem is that these uniforms haven’t been used by my department since the 1950s, and our uniforms are not blue; they are gray and modern, whereas this one was old,” he said.

For several seconds, he saw the unknown man marching through the unit. He shook his head and slapped himself in the face because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As he looked again, the man had disappeared.

Two years later, he was doing a normal shift in the building located in the center of the prison. The large room he was working in was a rotunda. The building had two floors in an open-space setting. In the Rotunda, people leaving the building could be easily seen from the opposite end of the building or from the balcony. The building had numerous wings, and there were windows at each of the doors. The majority of the rooms also had windows.

Mirco – – illustrative purposes only

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