His Best Friend Just Passed Away, And He Feels Like He Needs To Keep His Affair A Secret From His Grieving Girlfriend

Gatot - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young man is just 22-years-old. Yet, within the span of just a few months, his life was flipped on its side, and he was forced to deal with loss after loss of his friends.

For some context, he grew up with a tight-knit group of five friends who were always more like his family.

“We’ve been inseparable since kindergarten, but recently, tragedy hit us hard, three times over,” he said.

First, his 22-year-old friend named Alex passed away due to a drug overdose. Then, while he and his friends were still reeling from Alex’s death, their 21-year-old friend Sarah also passed away in a car accident.

Sarah was apparently under the influence at the time of the crash, and she wasn’t the only person in the car, either.

“A kid died in that accident, too. It’s a lot to bear,” he explained.

Still, just when he and his friends thought they’d hit rock bottom, they lost one more close friend– a 22-year-old named Matt– who took his own life.

All of these tragedies, occurring so close together, have left himself, his 22-year-old friend named Jenna, and his 22-year-old friend named Kyle reeling from grief.

But, according to him, the latest tragedy– Matt’s death– was exceptionally difficult for various reasons.

Gatot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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