On Her First Date With A Guy, He Had No Problem Going To The Bathroom In Front Of Her

Modern toilet bowl in comfortable restroom. Interior design

There are certain things you just don’t do on a first date because you don’t know the other person well enough to be doing them.

One woman described how a guy she went out with for the first time was already exhibiting behavior reserved for married couples.

TikToker Rachel Paige (@raepaige) went on a first date with a guy who had no problem with going to the bathroom in front of her even though they had never met each other before then.

So, on their first date, they went out to a restaurant and enjoyed fajitas and margaritas. He was funny and nice, and the experience had been very pleasant.

Since things were going smoothly, he ended up inviting her back to his place to watch a movie.

She agreed, and when they arrived, he led her to his bedroom, where she took a seat on his bed. He immediately rushed into the bathroom but didn’t close the door, so she was able to see him pull down his pants and sit on the toilet.

Rachel assumed that he must usually sit down when going number one rather than stay standing.

But after he had been sitting there for a little bit without anything happening, she asked him what he was doing.

It turned out that he was actually going number two, which she determined from the grunting noises he was making.

Modern toilet bowl in comfortable restroom. Interior design

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