She Criticized A Waitress Who Asked If Her Baby Needed A High Chair

The waitress checked with the mother and asked if the baby would need anything to drink as well, to which the mother replied, “No, no,” again, showing how young her child was.

To top it all off, the waitress then told the couple that she would be bringing by rolls and plates and asked if they would need two or three plates. The mother replied that they would only need two, again thinking this question was unnecessary.

“We don’t need a high chair, the baby does not need a drink, and the baby does not need a plate to eat rolls,” the mother says at the end of her video.

A lot of people are coming to the waitress’ defense and saying that the mother’s reaction to the situation was unnecessarily rude.

Sure, it may have been a fun story to tell other mothers, but there was no need to rant about it on the internet, especially in the restaurant where the waitress could have easily overheard.

Waitresses often work long shifts and may have just asked these questions out of habit. A lot of servers are also trained to ask certain questions and could get in trouble if word gets back to their boss that they were inconsiderate of a guest of any age.

Also, she could have been a young girl or a woman with no children, who perhaps doesn’t know at what age a child starts using a high chair or drinking water.

“I’m 37, no kids, never spent time around babies, and I would have asked all the same questions,” one commenter said.

“Coming from a host, after working for a while, you just follow a script, and everything gets jumbled together. I’ve done this 7 hours into my shift too,” another person explains.

Do you agree that the mother should have been more gracious towards the waitress instead of critical?


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