She Doesn’t Want To Allow Her Son’s Pregnant Baby Mama And This Girl’s Kids To Live In Her Mansion

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Sadly, this 55-year-old woman’s husband passed away, and since then, she has understandably been incredibly lonely.

She has a 27-year-old son and two grandkids who are 2 and 10, and the oldest grandkid her son had with his ex. Her son is now expecting twins with his new wife, who is the same age as him.

“My son is a very bright but naive boy; he was head over heels in love with his ex, and when he got accepted into his dream university, she dropped out of school to follow him and start their ‘perfect’ family,” she explained.

“Their relationship didn’t survive the following year. Despite all the stress and workload of college, my son still paid child support and visited his child.”

“They both moved on to different relationships; my son married a beautiful, kind girl he met in college; his ex started dating another man and had three more kids (7F, 4F, 2M) with him.”

At the beginning of February, her son’s ex approached her son and mentioned she desperately needed a place to live.

To be honest, her son’s ex, whom she refers to as his baby mama, is currently with a guy who is completely terrible.

Yet, her son’s ex has been living at a homeless shelter for a week. Her son’s ex is 7 months pregnant with four kids, and she has no job, no education, and no money.

Her son’s ex does have a mental illness that makes it difficult for her to hold down a job. After her son found out that his ex needed a roof over her head for her and her kids, he and his wife offered to let them all stay at their house without paying rent until she can find another living situation.

marls – – illustrative purposes only

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