She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Ordered Before She Arrived Since He Said Girls Were Always Late, And Then He Accused Her Of Stalking Him

rilueda - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

New York is a place that is fraught with the complexities of modern dating. The quest for finding romance in a sea of strangers comes with challenges that can make life more interesting and exciting.

However, beneath the layers of excitement and possibilities for connection lurks an unfortunate harsh reality.

Sometimes, the city will leave you with nothing but disappointment and dating fatigue, making the search for love seem like an impossible feat.

TikToker Natasha Uszak (@natasha.uszak) is from Brooklyn, New York, and she’s describing what her worst first date ever was like.

It quickly became a memorable experience after his misogynistic tendencies were revealed through his derogatory comments about women.

So, he came across her profile on a dating app but decided not to match with her on the app. Instead, he found her on social media and messaged her through there. They made plans to meet up around Thanksgiving, but she had to cancel them.

He kept messaging her and was persistent about meeting up, so she finally decided to go on a date with him. Upon her arrival at the place, she could already tell that the vibes were off. He had already downed half a beer.

He apologized for ordering without her because he didn’t know how late she would show up. According to him, girls were always late. When she looked at her watch, it showed that she had arrived only four minutes past the agreed-upon time.

During their conversation, he made a lot of weird comments. First, they talked about going to the gym, and it turned out that they both went to the same gym. He said that he had never seen her at the gym before.

rilueda – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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