She Inherited Her Grandma’s House, But Her Sister Is Mad She Didn’t Get Anything Valuable

mashiki - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’ve had an older relative like a parent or grandparent pass away and got more out of their inheritance than other members of your family, you know it can put you in an uncomfortable position.

One young woman is unsure what to do after her grandmother left her house to her in her will and didn’t leave anything nearly as valuable for her sister.

She’s 22-years-old and recently lost her grandmother, whom she was very close to.

“I would regularly visit her just to hang out and talk, [and moved] closer to her so I could help when she started needing more help with things,” she explained.

“I offered to move in with her to help all the time, but her independence was important to her, so she refused. I know it meant a lot that I made so much time to help and spend time with her. I didn’t do any of this with personal gain in mind; I just loved my grandma and liked spending time with her.”

She has a 25-year-old sister named Alice, who had a very different relationship with their grandmother. Alice didn’t spend as much time with their grandmother, and when she did, it wasn’t always pleasant. Alice had a habit of teasing and poking fun at their grandmother, which she could tell bothered her, even though she’d try to laugh it off.

While she knows Alice loved their grandmother and vice versa, it manifested differently, and Alice didn’t value spending time with her as much as she did.

“When Grandma passed, she left most of her money to be divided equally between her two kids, my mom and my uncle, who has no kids,” she said.

“She did leave a bit of money for my sister and me [individually.] Her house, on the other hand, she left to me. She left my sister some other material assets, such as her coin collection, but obviously, that’s not a lot compared to a whole house.”

mashiki – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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