She’s A Single Mother Opening Up About How To Manage Resentment And Regulate Overwhelming Emotions As A Solo Parent

Whenever you’re experiencing feelings of resentment, Amber recommends releasing it in a healthy way so it doesn’t stay stuck inside you.

For instance. she writes down messages in the notes app on her phone as if she will send them to her child’s father, but she doesn’t actually send them.

If you have the time, jotting down your feelings in a journal is also beneficial. In addition, going to therapy provides a safe space for you to express yourself and get those feelings off your chest. It truly takes a village to raise a child, especially in the times we live in today.

So, if you’re struggling as a single mom with no help from others, give yourself some grace and allow yourself to feel what you feel.

In the comments section, several single moms could relate to Amber and shared some of their most frustrating parenting moments.

“This is how I feel all the time like I don’t even want to be his friend because I’m still mad I’m doing it all by myself. He can’t even call his kids,” commented one mom.

“Mine was when I got her potty trained, and he took her for a holiday and brought her back in a pull-up because he couldn’t maintain the effort,” wrote another.

“I feel this as well. His dad is on his 5th vacation in a year. I miss travel, but I am a single mom, and it’s hard to get time to myself,” added a third.


? its totally normal to feel this way and i wish more people further along in their journey would talk about this! Finding healthy ways to cope & move through it is the goal ?? we got this ? #singlemom #singlemomsoftiktok #resentment #absentfather #momsoftiktok #copingmechanism #coparentingstruggles

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