Stop Believing That You’re Supposed To Love Your Partner Unconditionally: It Can Actually Lead You To Overlook Crucial Limits And Boundaries

You need them to put in the effort

Just because you may try to love your partner unconditionally doesn’t mean they’ll do the same for you. Being in a relationship is all about putting in work and coming together to get through life’s challenges.

You want to love someone who is willing to hold up their end of the relationship responsibilities instead of staying with someone who hardly contributes.

Boundaries are important

Again, having limits and boundaries in a relationship is crucial to keeping it healthy. Loving someone with no boundaries could put you in a dangerous position.

Even if you feel like you’d be willing to do everything with and for your partner, you need boundaries to keep yourself safe and respected.

You limit your opportunities for change and growth

When you constantly tell your partner you love them unconditionally, you’re telling them you love them just the way they are. However, sometimes, people need to change and grow in relationships. People are meant to evolve and improve their strengths in relationships instead of staying comfortably stagnant.

Another important thing to remember about loving someone “unconditionally” is that you open a door for them to cross your boundaries and disrespect you, which is detrimental to your self-love and care. 

Of course, you can promise to love someone through any mistakes and challenges, but it’s vital to remember not to tolerate any abuse, harassment, and disrespect. Keep communicating with your partner and stand up for yourself.

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